This surgery gave me my life back

I had been dealing with the pilonidal disease for 6 years and had received a brief operation in Canada that only made it worse.

Once in contact with the Sternberg clinic, they were able to tell me exactly what was going on, why the other surgeries fail, and why his technique worked (The Doctors I saw in Canada could not even explain what Pilonidal Disease was). I traveled to his clinic from Canada and spent one week in San Francisco, the surgery went smoothly and was much quicker than I expected. There was pain but not much more than the pain I was already in from the disease, in my case it almost felt relieving.

It has been 3 months and my life has completely changed. I am no longer in pain, I can finally do the sports I love to do without the constant discomfort and infections related to the disease, for the first time in 6 years, I experienced no pain while sitting on a long flight, no discomfort while sitting in school all day. This surgery gave me my life back. 

— Chris

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