It was totally worth traveling

Warmly, sincerely and eternally grateful to Dr. J. Sternberg for restoring our son’s health, bringing back his joyful smile and his opportunity to enjoy his youthful life to the fullest. Along with this thank you, we wish for Dr. Sternberg many blessings. Doc, you are the best!

Our son, had always been a healthy young man until his pilonidal cyst problems began in November 2014. He spent almost 3 years in and out of hospitals, missing school and gaining weight after multiple unsuccessful surgeries, bacterial infections and never ending pits, many disappointments and complications that negatively affected his life. We were very blessed and fortunate to have found Dr. J. Sternberg who performed the cleft lift surgery on March 22, 2017. He has finally overcome his pilonidal cyst nightmare, thanks to the expert hands of Dr. J. Sternberg.

Even though we live miles away, Jan Deboer was our liaison with Dr. Sternberg. She was instrumental in the coordination of the process and her communications were prompt and extremely helpful. The doctor’s office and Presidio Surgery Center staff were professional, courteous and truly caring thought the entire process.

Even though our son’s case was difficult and complicated, his surgical recovery has been easier and faster with a successful outcome. It was totally worth traveling from Puerto Rico to achieve this miracle for our son. The experience and expertise of all involved were exceptional.
If you or a loved one is suffering from this condition and its complications, please reach out to Dr. J. Sternberg!

Doc, let us know when you plan your vacation to Puerto Rico so we can extend our hospitality as a token of our appreciation,

— I. B. and J. R.

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It was totally worth traveling
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