Why We Care

After many years performing major abdominal operations including open and laparoscopic resections for colon cancer, rectal cancer, Crohn’s disease, and Ulcerative colitis, I have chosen to concentrate my efforts in a few highly specialized areas of surgery where I feel I can make the greatest positive impact on patients. These areas include office-based consultations, treatments and outpatient surgery for:

  • Pilonidal Disease
  • Anorectal disorders including hemorrhoids, abscess/fistula, and fissure
  • Other same-day surgical or office-based procedures

Surgery is often one of several options, and sometimes not the best one. I always aim to be thoughtful and explore non-surgical approaches with my patients when appropriate.

Dr. Jeffrey Sternberg

Why am I doing this?

I enjoy the relationships that I have with my patients. Listening to patients and understanding his/her concerns and expectations is the critical step in making an accurate diagnosis and developing the best plan of action.

I like to solve difficult problems and have the knowledge and technical skill to do so.

Surgery is often one of several options, and sometimes not the best one. I always aim to be thoughtful and explore non-surgical approaches with my patients when appropriate.

A Practice Commitment

At The Sternberg Clinic, we understand how challenging it is for patients with pilonidal disease to receive quality care as pilonidal disease is an underappreciated disease that is inconstantly treated.  Understanding these issues unique to pilonidal disease and its effect on patients and their families guided us in developing the following Mission, Vision, and Core Value statements.

Our Mission

To provide the best possible care for patients with pilonidal disease and ano-rectal issues, and to deliver the best experience for our patients with the best surgical outcomes.

Our Vision

To change the standard care of patients with pilonidal disease and ano-rectal problems and to be a global leader in pilonidal education and research.

Our Core Values

Caring for patients with excellent outcomes is what we do best.

Integrity:  Treating patients is a privilege that comes with tremendous responsibility and we always approach operations realistically and try to set patient’s expectations appropriately.  While we do our best to anticipate issues, the human body is not always predictable and when things don’t go as planned, we adjust and pave the way to the best recovery.

Compassion is why we practice surgery.  We truly care for our patients and want our patients to have the best possible experience and the best long-term results.  We listen!

Quality and Excellence: we always strive to provide the best care possible and our results show that we provide unparalleled outcomes. Despite such great results we are always looking to improve.

A Lifetime of Care: You will receive a yearly email and text check in.  All you need to do is respond with a simple reply to let us know all is well.  If there is an issue absolutely let us know.  This information is essential for our overall goal to improve the quality of pilonidal care in the world, so we greatly appreciate your taking the time to respond.

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