No More Fear of Flare-Ups

I have been dealing with pilonidal disease for nearly a decade now, with my first case occurring during high school.

Unfortunately, over the years, I encountered numerous doctors who only offered temporary solutions and claimed that I was not a suitable candidate for surgery. Consequently, I had to learn to accept the condition as a part of my life, never knowing when it would flare up or the extent of its severity.

However, my outlook changed when I stumbled upon Dr. Sternberg during my extensive online research. Everything I read about him seemed almost too good to be true. It felt like I had finally discovered a potential solution to my problem after being turned away by so many others. Initially, I had reservations about the process: having to travel from southern California to San Francisco for surgery, arranging for a caretaker post-surgery, all for a condition that wasn’t deemed life-threatening. It was a challenging decision to make, but I realized that it was my only viable option. Otherwise, I would be condemned to live with pilonidal disease indefinitely, constantly burdened by the fear of flare-ups during vacations or important events, which hindered my quality of life.

Eventually, I took the leap and booked a flight to San Francisco with my parents, who kindly agreed to be my caretakers. It has been approximately six months since the surgery, and I have not experienced a single flare-up. It feels as though I can finally embrace life again without any concerns or worries.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Sternberg to anyone suffering from pilonidal disease and searching for a long-term solution.

— Azan

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