Pilonidal ‘Cyst’ – The Dont’s and Dos

Well you can read lots about what to do about pilonidal cysts (by the way it’s not really a cyst, which is the term that thrown around the most, it’s just an infection under the surface of the midline skin of the natal cleft (the skin covering the valley between ones’ buttock cheeks).  

So, while there’s a great deal of advice written on pilonidal cysts/pilonidal disease on the internet and much advice given by doctors in different settings (ERs, urgent cares, hospitals, surgical practices, pediatrician/PCP offices) much of the knowledge and advice is anecdotal, unreliable, and not based on hard or proven facts.  Even many medical book chapters are incorrect.

These writers and medical practitioners are not necessarily at fault. Medical training is very traditional and difficult to change. So many of these practitioners were taught old fashion theories about the etiology (cause) of pilonidal disease. As a result, their recommended treatments are outmoded.

The Sternberg Clinic for Pilonidal Disease is on a mission to educate the medical and patient community to correct the record and help those suffering with Pilonidal Disease to become educated and empowered to seek out the best treatment.

So, about the don’ts:

And here are the Dos:

Dealing with life-altering pilonidal disease is not easy.  Please do your homework and ask questions before committing to surgery.  If you choose to have surgery, the Cleft Lift Procedure is the operation for you.

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