What is Pilonidal Disease?

Understanding the Treatment Options

How to Diagnose and Treat Pilonidal Disease

What causes Pilonidal Disease to develop?

Tips For Interviewing a Surgeon for treating Pilonidal Disease

A Pilonidal ‘Cyst’ is Not Really a Cyst. Dr. Sternberg explains.

Misdiagnosed: The Medical Community is Failing Pilonidal Patients

Pilonidal Disease by the Numbers


Number of Patients Diagnosed


Conventional Surgeries Performed Annually


Patients with Reoccurring Disease


Failure rate of Conventional Surgery

A study of the previous 750 Cleft Lift surgeries at the Sternberg Clinic reveal only that only 6 patients required follow up repair

Our first-time success rate is 99.93%

Just the Facts:

Understand what Pilonidal Disease is, and isn’t, in this medical explainer

Most doctors misdiagnose it as a “Pilonidal Cyst” and don’t treat patients properly as a result. If you’re reading this website, you are probably looking for a better way to treat your Pilonidal Disease. You’ve come to the right place. Read more in this medical explainer.

Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment: Read the Primer

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Pilonidal Disease: The Don’ts and Dos

Read about how, and how not to manage living with Pilonidal Disease

The Most Common Condition you Never Heard of, Until You’ve Got it!

Have you ever heard of pilonidal disease. Until you or someone you know suffers from it, you probably haven’t. Well… read on.

What’s wrong with conventional pilonidal care?

Pilonidal Disease is often misdiagnosed with improper treatments and ineffective surgeries.

The Truth about a Pilonidal Sinus

What’s that bump on my tailbone that my doctor just called a cyst? Is it tailbone pain? Is it an infection? Was I born with it? Do I need surgery?”

I’m a gamer! Why does my butt hurt so bad?

If you spend hours sitting in front of a computer monitor or TV screen playing video games, you’re at risk of developing a common pain in your butt better known in the medical community as Pilonidal Disease

An Innovation in Care

The Cleft Lift Procedure: A Cure Through Better Engineering

The most modern and non-invasive method for treating patients of Pilonidal Disease

Over the past 20 years, Dr. Jeffrey Sternberg has perfected his method for treating Pilonidal Disease based on a procedure developed by two innovative surgeons in the 1970s. Their method of non-invasive surgery revolutionized the medical community’s treatment of Pilonidal Disease, helping patients address, and quickly recover from this sometimes debilitating disease.

  • Short healing cycle
  • Low reoccurrence rate
  • Outpatient surgery

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