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My 17 year old daughter suffered for quite sometime with this pilonidal problem. Numerous times we had to get her cyst drained. I felt so sad because she would always be in pain and she was so embarrassed. After speaking with three different surgeons we decided to go with the one that had the bestContinue reading “‘Let me save you sleepless nights searching for cures, go see Dr. Sternberg’”

Everything about the Sternberg Clinic is a breeze! I suffered with Pilonidal disease for almost 3 years. After 3 failed surgeries and countless cauterization procedures done by doctors, like frogs in a well, unwilling to follow new advancements in medicine, I was recommended a surgery where a surgeon would chip off my tail bone toContinue reading “‘Forever grateful to have met Dr. Sternberg and his team’”

When I first got a pilonidal cyst, my gastroenterologist was quick to highly recommend Dr. Sternberg and other medical professionals reaffirmed that recommendation. My original hope of having him perform his cleft lift and pilonidal excision surgery before my cyst returned was unfortunately upended by the global pandemic, but as soon as the cyst didContinue reading “‘I was able to return to my virtual job within 5 days’”