‘Please don’t get any other surgeries besides the Cleft Lift’

After four failed and mentally taxing surgeries, I knew I needed to find a surgeon that truly cared about the outcome of their patients . . . finding the Sternberg Clinic was a game changer!

Not only was the process of flying and staying in San Francisco (from UT) to get surgery very pleasant (thanks to the resources given from the office), but I also experienced the highest level of professionalism I’ve had since receiving pilonidal-related treatment.

Dr. Sternberg and his staff literally gave me my life back. Being able to play basketball and push myself in the gym again for the first time in years is truly life changing.

Traveling to California is worth it! And please don’t get any other surgeries besides the Cleft Lift!

— Will

Photo: alanzuckerphoto.com

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