Dr. Sternberg was there for me without being judgmental

I was referred to Dr. Sternberg for a review of my GI condition after I was urgently hospitalized.

After meeting with him and him reviewing the scans I brought with me, he recommended surgery. He explained the process to me, but I, of course wanted to do my own research. Two days later he called me on his own to find out if I had any additional questions since it was a lot to think about. I have never had a doctor do that. I was quite impressed with his level of communication and patient concern. Since several other doctors recommend I NOT have surgery, I tried to change my health to hopefully avoid surgery, and unfortunately, four months later another relapse.

Dr. Sternberg was there for me without being judgmental and helped me get through the prep and surgery. He checked on me daily when I was in the hospital, and always answered my questions and made me feel comfortable. I am now as good as new and my surgical scar is barely noticeable.

I never had any issues with his office. They have always responded to my requests for insurance and disability assistance. My wait times for appointments have been normal compared to every other specialist I have seen.

I highly recommend Dr. Sternberg.

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