Quality of Life Post-op has been Fantastic

It’s amazing how much discomfort you can learn to put up with.

I had symptoms of pilonidal disease for 12 years, and had multiple unsuccessful “conventional excision” operations over a four year span starting in 2017. I declined a fourth, extremely invasive excision and was prepared to just manage the symptoms. Thankfully, my wife began looking into alternatives and came across the Sternberg Clinic.

To my knowledge, a cleft-lift procedure is not offered anywhere in Canada, so we were surprised that there was an alternative treatment with such a high success rate. She put in my application on a Sunday, I was contacted the next morning, and I had a surgery three weeks later. I am now approaching 6 months post-op, and have had zero complications and no indication of a resurgence.

Dr. Sternberg (as well as his staff and every other provider involved in this process) was amazing. The recovery process was smooth. And quality of life post-op has been fantastic.

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