A solution to my pilonidal problem seemed elusive

I have suffered from Pilonidal Disease since December 2019, requiring multiple visits to the emergency room, urgent care, and ultimately, a failed excision surgery to remove the “cyst.”

Pilonidal Disease and its standard treatments impacted every aspect of my health and lowered my overall quality of life. I could not exercise, working was burdensome, and worst of all, I did not know how to treat this misunderstood disease. If my Pilonidal Disease would return again, why even treat it?

After reading several stories of patients with four or more operations due to failed prior surgeries like mine, panic set in. A solution and an end to my pilonidal problem seemed elusive. Then, I discovered Dr. Sternberg’s surgical protocol, the Cleft Lift Procedure, the gold-standard treatment for Pilonidal Disease patients.

Dr. Sternberg is a highly skilled surgeon who is almost unparalleled in his treatment of Pilonidal Disease. The entire process for the operation was three days, one intake appointment, the surgery, and one post-op appointment. Soon after my procedure with Dr. Sternberg, I could engage in most of my routine and felt I never missed a beat. Recovery was easy, with minimal pain, and requiring no wound care. Dr. Sternberg even fixed the cosmetic defects left by the prior surgeon.

Now three months post-op, I have my life back, and I am confident Dr. Sternberg cured my Pilonidal Disease.

If you suffer from Pilonidal Disease, see Dr. Sternberg. You will not regret it.

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