Dr. Sternberg saved my life!

I am a 23 year old Canadian and I can’t even begin to explain how honoured I am to have been a patient of Dr. Sternberg. Dr. Sternberg saved my life!

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After three failed surgeries in Canada, I was left stranded in extreme pain without the ability to sit, exercise, or move about freely in my daily life for more than a year. I was without hope or a capable surgeon to help me recover the way I needed to and was ready to accept this as my life moving forward. Until I found Dr. Sternberg…

In June of 2021 I contacted Dr. Sternberg’s office and they were able to setup an appointment for just under a month after first contact. The staff was incredibly helpful in arranging accommodations and travel plans and made the entire process extremely smooth. Dr. Sternberg was extremely kind and compassionate and made sure I was comfortable through the entire process.

I am happy to say that I am now pain free and active again. Over a year passed my surgery. Dr. Sternberg continues to check in and ensure I am doing well. He truly goes above and beyond for his patients and I could not be more grateful to have had him as a surgeon. I have the utmost trust in his work and I believe that he is making the world a better place for everyone who is battling pilonidal disease.

– Jonny

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