Our son suffered from Pilonidal Disease for almost three years

Dr. Sternberg will help with any pre or post operation questions.

Our son suffered from Pilonidal Disease for almost three years. He went through four failed surgeries, and his daily life activities, that he enjoyed doing, were on hold because of constant pain and open wounds that kept reoccurring.

After a lot of research, we found Dr. Sternberg and made an initial appointment. He took a look at the wound and within minutes said, “I can fix that”. We scheduled the surgery.

Even with all the other scar tissue and limited amount of good tissue to work with, Dr. Sternberg not only cured the problem, but did it with minimal scaring.

With Dr. Sternberg’s method, immediately after the surgery our son was able to sit and be comfortable, unlike the other surgeries [where] he had to lay on his side or stomach for two weeks.

Dr Sternberg was quick to get back to us if we had any questions post surgery.

We are going on three months and no sign of any re-occurrences. I highly recommend Dr. Sternberg. If it wasn’t for his expertise in this specific type of surgery my son would still be suffering.

The Wilson Family

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