Dr. Sternberg was there for my son in every way possible

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My son Kyle was in a really bad place after two failed pilonidal surgeries, and with no clear plan from our surgeon to fix this, it was time for a specialist.

We were lucky to find Dr. Jeffrey Sternberg and I’m not sure specialist really sums up who he is. I have dealt with so many surgeons, doctors and other specialists but Dr. Sternberg is different. He didn’t just do his “job.” He took care, real care, of his patient.

Dr. Sternberg is an incredible surgeon but more importantly he is one of the kindest, most caring human beings that we have ever dealt with. From our first email, through surgery, after care, and even texting within minutes of me having questions… there was never a hesitation. Dr. Sternberg was there for my son in every way possible. We can’t thank Dr. Sternberg enough for changing my son’s life for the better!


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