‘No pain, quick recovery, and a return to normal life’

THANK YOU DR. STERNBERG!!! After suffering a hard fall, I developed a draining abscess in the upper left area of my buttocks. I first went to a Dermatologist, who performed a painful in-office surgery. After the surgery, the area worsened. The Dermatologist then referred me to a Plastic Surgeon because he believed my case was “over his head”. The Plastic Surgeon performed another failed surgery in-office, and then referred me to a Colo-Rectal Surgeon after the lab suggested that I had developed a pilonidal cyst.

The Colo-Rectal Surgeon suggested a flap procedure with wound vac, and referred me to another Plastic Surgeon who would assist with the surgery. The visit with the last Plastic Surgeon was completely disheartening, as it was evident she had no clue as to what the surgical outcome of my situation would be.

After leaving her office feeling hopeless, my mother began research and learned there was no such thing as a pilonidal cyst, but there was such a thing as pilonidal disease. She then found the International Pilonidal Society, which listed Dr. Sternberg as a member. I am 20 years old and suffered for over a year before finding Dr. Sternberg.

Once I contacted Dr. Sternberg’s office, the process for scheduling my consultation was very quick. On September 2, 2020, Dr. Sternberg performed the cleft-lift procedure on me. I was concerned about pain, recovery time and results because my case was extremely complicated with a large sinus and several pits that were close to my anus.

I can attest to the fact that everything Dr. Sternberg told me was 100% true; NO pain, QUICK recovery, and a return to normal life. I could not have asked for a better doctor, and recommend Dr. Sternberg to anyone who believes they have this debilitating condition.

Justin C

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