‘Thank you from the bottom of this mom’s heart’

From the beginning of our first email to Dr. Sternberg to the weeks after surgery, the Sternberg clinic has been the most supportive and compassionate to our son. My son had been dealing with pilonidal disease for 2 years prior to me finding Dr. Sternberg. After many failed treatments, wound care for a year, andContinue reading “‘Thank you from the bottom of this mom’s heart’”

‘Dr. Sternberg basically saved my life’

“Dr. Sternberg basically saved my life …” Those were the words of my very grateful 16-year-old son when he was healed after Dr. Sternberg performed the Cleft Lift operation. When my son was first diagnosed with pilonidal disease, I was in denial of the risk of complication from standard treatments and surgical procedures. The surgeriesContinue reading “‘Dr. Sternberg basically saved my life’”

After three failed surgeries…

After three failed surgeries over a year and a half with other surgeons, Dr. Sternberg and his team were able resolve my pilonidal disease quickly and with minimal discomfort. Over a year later and there have been on further issues or signs of recurrence. I would highly recommend The Sternberg Clinic for anyone seeking aContinue reading “After three failed surgeries…”

Surgery and Recovery Time Were Minimal

I had a more mild pilonidal situation and opted for the cleft lift by Dr. Sternberg to prevent abscess formations that would require treatments with higher failure rates and greater chances of reoccurrence. It was an excellent decision, the surgery and recovery time were minimal and I now have the peace of mind of notContinue reading “Surgery and Recovery Time Were Minimal”

Fix the Previous Mistakes

Coming from a botched surgery that got infected, and having an open wound for over a year, I was extremely happy that Sternberg was able to fix the previous mistakes. Life got so much better not having to constantly worry about this issue! It’s obvious that Sternberg knows how to treat this disease. His dedicationContinue reading “Fix the Previous Mistakes”

‘I’m back to doing my daily activities again and even more’

I honestly have no clue where to start. But long story short, the first time I started to notice my problem with Pilonidal Disease was back in December of 2018. Went to urgent care the next day and all they told me was to take the antibiotics, shave around the area (which I did notContinue reading “‘I’m back to doing my daily activities again and even more’”

Patient Prep: Traveling to San Francisco for Pilonidal care during COVID-19

This has been a difficult eight months for all of us.  The time has been particularly challenging for patients with Pilonidal Disease, particularly those who must to travel outside of their local medical community to find a surgeon who can provide proper treatment. Finding a Seasoned Surgeon There are just a few surgeons who performContinue reading “Patient Prep: Traveling to San Francisco for Pilonidal care during COVID-19”

‘The “Guru” of pilonidal disease’

Dr. Sternberg saved my son from years of problems and potential surgeries! He is an amazing doctor and we feel so fortunate to have been referred to him. My 16-year-old son had pilonidal disease and was treated at Urgent Care because we did not know what it was and it was bad enough that heContinue reading “‘The “Guru” of pilonidal disease’”

‘No pain, quick recovery, and a return to normal life’

THANK YOU DR. STERNBERG!!! After suffering a hard fall, I developed a draining abscess in the upper left area of my buttocks. I first went to a Dermatologist, who performed a painful in-office surgery. After the surgery, the area worsened. The Dermatologist then referred me to a Plastic Surgeon because he believed my case wasContinue reading “‘No pain, quick recovery, and a return to normal life’”

‘I haven’t felt this great in a while’

I just want to thank Dr Sternberg for being so great and to spread awareness for others who are also going through the same uncomfortable experience we call ‘pilonidal’. After having my first pilonidal surgery a couple years back I seemed to be ok for a year to only have it come back at theContinue reading “‘I haven’t felt this great in a while’”