Thanks from a Cured High School Student

After our daughter endured three failed surgeries by other providers to treat her pilonidal disease and missed nearly a year of high school, we turned to Dr. Sternberg. Our daughter was so worried that a Cleft Lift would radically change her appearance, though when the removed bandages revealed a great outcome, she cried with joyContinue reading “Thanks from a Cured High School Student”

The Cleft Lift procedure is as good as it gets

I have a lot of gratitude for Dr. Sternberg and his team! I learned about pilonidal disease and surgeries online and found them dismal and not encouraging at all. It was gloomy to see that most surgeons would recommend a procedure which would have maybe a 50 percent success rate, with possible future surgeries inContinue reading “The Cleft Lift procedure is as good as it gets”

Liz’s Story: ‘No one should have to go through this’

We received a letter this month from a patient of The Sternberg Clinic who has successfully recovered from Pilonidal Disease after undergoing the Cleft Lift procedure at The Sternberg Clinic for Pilonidal Surgery. Read her story: What started off as something that seemed simple to correct, turned in to the worst experience of my life. Continue reading “Liz’s Story: ‘No one should have to go through this’”

A Mother’s Plea: Treating her Son’s Pilonidal Disease

I received an email in the recent past from a mother who told the story of her teen age son and the emotional toll his failed pilonidal treatments had taken on him and his family.  Bill went through high school dealing with the annoying drainage, smell, and embarrassing staining. After graduation, he wanted to beContinue reading “A Mother’s Plea: Treating her Son’s Pilonidal Disease”

Discovering the ‘Cleft Lift’

I had my pilonidal for several years before I found this website in my attempt to deal with the problem once and for all. Through this site, I discovered the “cleft lift” proceedure as pioneered by Dr. John Bascom of Oregon. I decided to call Dr. Bascom, and he referred me to San Francisco based surgeonContinue reading “Discovering the ‘Cleft Lift’”

Finally, a Successful Surgery

My son had surgery for a pilonidal cyst 4 years ago, he continued to have pain after surgery, had 2 more surgeries last year and had to leave school because it got to the point where he could not sit anymore—we saw Dr Sternberg for this, he recommended a “cleft lift procedure”.  My son hadContinue reading “Finally, a Successful Surgery”