‘The “Guru” of pilonidal disease’

Dr. Sternberg saved my son from years of problems and potential surgeries! He is an amazing doctor and we feel so fortunate to have been referred to him.

My 16-year-old son had pilonidal disease and was treated at Urgent Care because we did not know what it was and it was bad enough that he got a very high fever. It was drained twice but not treated completely correctly because it was an emergency situation. Luckily, the doctor at Urgent Care referred us to Dr. Sternberg. Little did I realize that he was the “Guru” of pilonidal disease!

Fortunately, we live in San Francisco and went to see him. He advised us to wait and see if it returned and unfortunately as to be expected about a year and a half later it returned. We scheduled surgery to have Dr. Sternberg performed the cleft lift procedure.

Dr. Sternberg did a fantastic job, it has healed perfectly. My son had little pain following the surgery and Dr. Sternberg explained everything, had great follow up; he was amazing throughout the whole process. His staff is also very helpful and knowledgeable. Can’t say enough great things about Dr. Sternberg! He is truly the best – So happy he solved my son’s pilonidal disease for now and forever!

– Kim P.

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