‘The “Guru” of pilonidal disease’

Dr. Sternberg saved my son from years of problems and potential surgeries! He is an amazing doctor and we feel so fortunate to have been referred to him. My 16-year-old son had pilonidal disease and was treated at Urgent Care because we did not know what it was and it was bad enough that heContinue reading “‘The “Guru” of pilonidal disease’”

‘No pain, quick recovery, and a return to normal life’

THANK YOU DR. STERNBERG!!! After suffering a hard fall, I developed a draining abscess in the upper left area of my buttocks. I first went to a Dermatologist, who performed a painful in-office surgery. After the surgery, the area worsened. The Dermatologist then referred me to a Plastic Surgeon because he believed my case wasContinue reading “‘No pain, quick recovery, and a return to normal life’”

‘I haven’t felt this great in a while’

I just want to thank Dr Sternberg for being so great and to spread awareness for others who are also going through the same uncomfortable experience we call ‘pilonidal’. After having my first pilonidal surgery a couple years back I seemed to be ok for a year to only have it come back at theContinue reading “‘I haven’t felt this great in a while’”

‘The gold standard for pilonidal surgery’

I lived with a pilonidal cyst for two years – it was uncomfortable to sit normally and limited my ability to exercise. I saw a couple local doctors who recommended surgery, but the procedure they would perform involved a lengthy recovery with a fairly high chance of recurrence. Luckily, my mom researched the best pilonidalContinue reading “‘The gold standard for pilonidal surgery’”

‘I couldn’t believe that my life was back to normal’

I am a 24-year-old recovered patient from the Cleft Lift procedure. I first found out I had Pilonidal Disease when I was 19 and it was definitely some weird news to me (I got the Cleft Lift when I was 23 so I lived with the disease for 4-5 years). I had no idea whatContinue reading “‘I couldn’t believe that my life was back to normal’”

‘Highly effective’: Recommendation from a patient of 20 years

I have been a patient of Dr. Sternberg for roughly 20 years and always found him to be very professional, knowledgeable with a wonderful demeanor. This also goes for his office staff. All my procedures and treatments have been as comfortable as they could be, and highly effective. I would recommend Dr. Sternberg to anyoneContinue reading “‘Highly effective’: Recommendation from a patient of 20 years”

Thanks from a Cured High School Student

After our daughter endured three failed surgeries by other providers to treat her pilonidal disease and missed nearly a year of high school, we turned to Dr. Sternberg. Our daughter was so worried that a Cleft Lift would radically change her appearance, though when the removed bandages revealed a great outcome, she cried with joyContinue reading “Thanks from a Cured High School Student”

The Cleft Lift procedure is as good as it gets

I have a lot of gratitude for Dr. Sternberg and his team! I learned about pilonidal disease and surgeries online and found them dismal and not encouraging at all. It was gloomy to see that most surgeons would recommend a procedure which would have maybe a 50 percent success rate, with possible future surgeries inContinue reading “The Cleft Lift procedure is as good as it gets”

Discovering the ‘Cleft Lift’

I had my pilonidal for several years before I found this website in my attempt to deal with the problem once and for all. Through this site, I discovered the “cleft lift” proceedure as pioneered by Dr. John Bascom of Oregon. I decided to call Dr. Bascom, and he referred me to San Francisco based surgeonContinue reading “Discovering the ‘Cleft Lift’”