What Medical Care Can Look Like at its Best

Dr. Sternberg consults with parent of a patient

Dr. Sternberg helped me regain my life again.

Before him, I saw several doctors, had an unsuccessful surgery, and was in an immense amount of pain and discomfort for over a decade. I was told that there was no cure for my pilonidal disease when I was first diagnosed. Years later when I was in need of surgery, I was left with an open wound for months that never healed.

Over the years I had many gruff and unpleasant experiences at the doctor’s office trying to cure my pilonidal disease, and the no end in sight mentality I had adopted took a toll on my quality of life, affecting my mental health greatly. After my wound never closed successfully post the first procedure, my then surgeon recommended me to the Sternberg Clinic. I had read the reviews on Dr. Sternberg and had hoped for once that I could be cured.

My experience with Dr. Sternberg and his team from the beginning was outstanding; everyone was kind and super responsive. At my first visit he took the time to sit down with me and explain the disease in a way that I had never understood before and we scheduled my surgery shortly thereafter.

The procedure itself went smoothly and any question I had before and after his team answered quickly and with empathy. Dr. Sternberg even called me that night of my procedure to check in – that really meant a lot to me. Fast forward to now and I am fully healed. Not only have I regained my lifestyle actively, but this experience made me feel more at ease in doctors offices in general. Dr. Sternberg and his team not only raise the bar in how to treat pilonidal disease, but they raise the bar for what medical care can look like at its best. I am very grateful for my experience with Dr. Sternberg and his team and anyone who is next to work with them is incredibly lucky. Thank you so very much!

— Ziva

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