‘The gold standard for pilonidal surgery’

I lived with a pilonidal cyst for two years – it was uncomfortable to sit normally and limited my ability to exercise. I saw a couple local doctors who recommended surgery, but the procedure they would perform involved a lengthy recovery with a fairly high chance of recurrence.

Luckily, my mom researched the best pilonidal surgeons in the country and found Dr. Sternberg. I’m so glad she did because he is an expert at treating this disease. Honestly, I didn’t believe that his procedure could have such a drastically better recovery process and a significantly higher success rate, but it’s true. I was sitting and walking around just hours after my surgery and had no complications with my recovery. In fact, the recovery was much easier than I expected and I even worked from home just two days after surgery because my pain was so minimal.

Dr. Sternberg’s procedure is the gold standard for pilonidal surgery. I am extremely grateful and highly recommend seeing him if you are suffering from this disease.

– Preston W.

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