‘I don’t know why other doctors do not do this surgery’

I went through Dr. Sternberg’s pilonidal cyst surgery over two years ago and I am very happy I made that decision. I was dealing with the issue for months.

I went to Kaiser initially to see if they could remove it, but their suggested surgery required making a very deep cut, the recovery time was extremely high, and there was no confidence or assurance that the surgery would actually prevent the issue from recurring. I decided not to go through with it and ended up changing my insurance to a PPO insurance so I could try doctors outside of Kaiser.

After dealing with the leaking and pain of sitting down for nearly a year, I decided I needed to do something. I found out about Dr. Sternberg online, and after reading about his procedure, how it was different from the traditional surgeries suggested by other doctor, and reading some testimonials, I decided to make an appointment. I met with Dr. Sternberg who only saw me for a short visit, and then I setup my surgery date.

This was my first surgery ever and I was definitely nervous, but all I remember was meeting the anesthesiologist (I dont even remember being knocked out) and then waking up moments later with the surgery completed. I had taken the rest of the week off from work and spent about 5 days recovering and not really leaving my house. I also bought a seat cushion that I used for the next couple of weeks when sitting (and I used a standing desk at work so that I wouldn’t need to sit too much when coming back initially).

Overall it was a great success, I never had to deal with another issue, and other than a little scar, there is no signs of the surgery. I was back to normal (going to the gym, doing squats, ect) within no time. I don’t know why other doctors do not do this surgery, but I think it should become the norm since the results have been great for me and from the assurance that this surgery has a high probability of working. I am so happy I did not decide to try the other surgeries initially especially after reading others who faced issues with it and I would highly recommend Dr. Sternberg to anyone who has a pilonidal cyst.

– Martin F.

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