‘Dr. Sternberg is confident, kind and has great empathy for his patients struggling with Pilonidal Disease’

Our 19 year old son suffered for the years after a failed Pilonidal Surgery in San Diego. He was left with an open wound that required daily care, his quality of life was totally compromised, he had to leave University on the East Coast and transfer to a University in San Diego so he could be close to home. He could no longer play college golf, something he had worked very hard to achieve. His San Diego doctors (General & Colorectal Surgeons) told him it would eventually heal, “burn itself out” was one of the terms they used.

After three years one of his doctors sensed our desperation coming to a head, she had done some research and thought we might want to look into Dr. Sternberg in San Francisco. Everything we read about Dr. Sternberg’s surgical technique (Cleft Lift) and success rate was inspiring. We quickly started communications with Dr. Sternberg’s office which led to a phone consult. Any hesitations we had were put to rest by Dr. Sternberg’s confidence that he could heal our son giving him back his life and of course his incredible patient testimonials impressed us.

We first met Dr. Sternberg at our sons pre op visit at his Clinic in San Francisco, Dr. Sternberg is confident, kind and has great empathy for his patients struggling with Pilonidal disease. His staff are wonderful (shout out to Andrea) and nothing is too much trouble for them. The surgery was approximately 90 minutes, the post op surgery staff were wonderful and we flew home to San Diego the next day after a check in with Dr. Sternberg.The drain (a thin rubber band) was in place for about 10 days and I, his mother, took it out in a few seconds after a phone consult with Dr. Sternberg. Within 6 weeks everything was completely healed and our son returned to Golf and Surfing.

Currently he is about 2 months post surgery and the other day I asked him how he felt. He said “I feel totally normal, I can finally sit without pain and do everything I used to do, I got my life back thanks to Dr. Sternberg”. Words cannot express how grateful we are to Dr. Sternberg and his staff.

– Alex B.

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