‘I could not be happier!’

I had the cleft lift done back on January 10th of this year and I could not be happier! After four failed surgeries and multiple visits to wound care “specialists” I found Dr. Sternberg online and decided it was time to go to San Fran. He was extremely professional, outgoing and kind and made theContinue reading “‘I could not be happier!’”

‘I am greatly relieved that I had this procedure’

So far, my cleft lift seems to have been accomplished with a minimal amount of pain by a team of true professionals. At every stage: scheduling, pre-surgery, surgical visit, and follow-ups – they listened, they gave advice, and they guided us through an anxious time. I must say, though, I was never afraid because DrContinue reading “‘I am greatly relieved that I had this procedure’”

‘If you have a Pilonidal ‘cyst’ DO NOT GO TO ANYONE ELSE’

Dr. Sternberg is not only incredibly professional, but his techniques and methodology are the most current and least invasive on your life. I can’t stress this enough – had I gone to him first (had I known of him then) I would have saved 3 years, 4 surgeries, hours and hours of doctor and hospitalContinue reading “‘If you have a Pilonidal ‘cyst’ DO NOT GO TO ANYONE ELSE’”

‘ I wish I found Dr. Sternberg years ago’

My son had two previous and unsuccessful surgeries to remove the “cyst” near his tailbone. When the doctor told us he needed a third surgery I wanted a second opinion. I researched Pilonidal disease and Dr Sternberg’s name kept coming up. I called his office and explained my sons situation and they saw us rightContinue reading “‘ I wish I found Dr. Sternberg years ago’”

Thank you for ‘giving our son his life back’

Dr. Sternberg is a PHENOMENAL surgeon with the highest credentials, tremendous experience with pilonidal disease, and a heart of gold for his patients. My son had suffered from pilonidal disease for 6 ½ years and had 4 previous failed surgeries. Three different surgeons (one operated on him twice) told us that the only means ofContinue reading “Thank you for ‘giving our son his life back’”