‘Within three days he was back to school’

My sixteen year old son had suffered with a pilonidal cyst which, after months of painful treatments and antibiotics, resulted in a traditional cyst removal surgery the first week of his Junior year of high school. After missing weeks of school and his entire football season we discovered that the wound had never healed. Out of desperation we conducted research and found Dr. Sternberg’’s clinic and immediately checked with my family members in the medical field, who indicated that the cleft lift procedure is the gold standard, but difficult to find someone actually skilled. Dr Sternberg is that doctor.

We contacted his incredibly professional office staff, who reassured me that we were making a good decision to drive two hours to San Francisco for an exam and found an appointment time right away. A large percentage of Dr. Sternberg’s patients fly in to see him, and he has a comprehensive program to accommodate and educate the patients, which is key to the recovery.

After examining my son it was determined that the deep incision had not ever healed and that the cleft lift would not only rectify this problem for good (most people come to him after multiple procedures) but that he would be 100% recovered and ready to participate in basketball and football after only thirty days, as opposed to his previous surgery’s four to six month recovery. My son had surgery and felt good enough to go out to dinner that night (not recommended, but he’s sixteen.) We stayed over night in San Francisco and met with Dr. Sternberg the next day for comprehensive instructions on post-surgery care.

Within three days he was back to school, and is now fully recovered and playing sports. This has been an incredible relief for our son, and for us. If we had not found Dr. Sternberg I fear that we would have been in for a lifetime of surgeries and problems. I cannot recommend Dr. Sternberg enough.

– Lee S.

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