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It has been approximately six months since the surgery, and I have not experienced a single flare-up. It feels as though I can finally embrace life again without any concerns or worries.

So, you develop a symptomatic pilonidal “cyst” (really an abscess), or sinus and you see a local surgeon. The surgeon advises surgery. What operation does that surgeon recommend? This is a critical question for anybody with symptoms of pilonidal disease (often incorrectly called pilonidal cyst), as not all operations are equivalent, and many operations canContinue reading “Make the Cleft Lift Procedure Your First Choice of Surgery”

My experience with Dr. Sternberg and his team from the beginning was outstanding; everyone was kind and super responsive. At my first visit he took the time to sit down with me and explain the disease in a way that I had never understood before and we scheduled my surgery shortly thereafter.