‘Highly skilled in his field’

Dr. Jeffrey Sternberg is a true gem, a rare find; the only expert you should go to for pilonidal disease. He is able to explain the cleft lift procedure and answer any questions you have in an impressive, adept manner. Highly skilled in his field, he was able to find three additional sinuses that I did not even know existed. Very caring as well, and was accessible outside of office hours after my surgery, even early morning. Was also very assuring; I was going to be flying two days post operation and was panicking about the drain, but he gave me the confidence that everything was going to be okay. Only one month post op now, and I am back and running again, getting on with my life to how it was before this horrible disease. I am so grateful to Dr. Sternberg for what he has done for me. He is simply the best.

– Farah S.

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