‘Dr. Sternberg is the expert in his field’

Dr. Sternberg is the only doctor you should seek out to treat a pilonidal diagnosis. I wish that I had discovered his clinic when we first started down the road of treating the “pilonidal cyst” my son had been diagnosed with at just 15 years old. His pediatrician applied all the standard methods to treat the cyst, lancing and draining, accompanied by a strong round of antibiotics to treat the infection. It didn’t work. We were referred to a general surgeon because things did not improve. My son was in a lot of pain, he couldn’t sit comfortably and all of the activities he was used to participating in came to a screeching halt.

Trusting in the medical advice, we pursued surgery to remove the cyst. The surgeon removed a golf ball sized cyst and said my son should have a full recovery in 4-6 weeks. What the surgeon didn’t share is that an incision in this particular area is at extreme risk of opening up and just 18 days after surgery, it did. We were rushed into a second surgery, this time with a plastic surgeon brought in to assist with repairing the tissue damage – I was confident with the reconstructive efforts this would bring healing. This time around my son had an external drain. We had developed quite a routine with his wound care. We did everything the doctors told us to do. Weekly check in visits to make sure he was healing and at this point, he was on his 5th round of antibiotics in 6 months. To spite all our efforts the wound started to separate again!

I desperately needed to find someone who could help our son. The surgeon who performed the first two surgeries casually mentioned there was a specialist in San Francisco who treated pilonidal patients. I was angry at the medical team that attempted to treat our son, knowing the complications and admitting there was a more qualified doctor out there who could treat this condition! I poured over the information on Dr. Sternberg’s website. The patient testimonials and information about the disease was exactly what I wish would have been shared with us from the beginning!

I called his office and they made time to see us the next day. Dr. Sternberg is the EXPERT in his field and anyone receiving a pilonidal diagnosis should seek a cure, which is what you will get at the Sternberg Clinic. Just 6 weeks after surgery, my son has returned to all the activities he loves – running, working out & playing football. I will be forever grateful for the care we received and for Dr. Sternberg helping my son return to a normal life again!

– Stephanie S.

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