‘I was able to return to my virtual job within 5 days’

When I first got a pilonidal cyst, my gastroenterologist was quick to highly recommend Dr. Sternberg and other medical professionals reaffirmed that recommendation. My original hope of having him perform his cleft lift and pilonidal excision surgery before my cyst returned was unfortunately upended by the global pandemic, but as soon as the cyst did come back I knew it was time to schedule. Dr. Sternberg and his whole team treated me compassionately, with intelligence and respect that made me feel comfortable. The procedure was quick and relatively easy to recover from; I was able to return to my virtual job within 5 days! Since the wound has healed, I have had no issues whatsoever and in fact, it’s easy to forget that I ever needed surgery to begin with. Thank you Dr. Sternberg and team!

– Ethan W.

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