‘Dr. Sternberg basically saved my life’

“Dr. Sternberg basically saved my life …” Those were the words of my very grateful 16-year-old son when he was healed after Dr. Sternberg performed the Cleft Lift operation.

When my son was first diagnosed with pilonidal disease, I was in denial of the risk of complication from standard treatments and surgical procedures. The surgeries left my son in worse condition than before we started. My son’s life changed dramatically, family routines adapted to make sure he was comfortable, and his siblings and I began to fear his disease would permanently impair his ability to live a normal life.

After three unsuccessful surgeries over 18 months and additional recommendations for further treatment and surgeries that did not make sense to me, I found myself sleepless and desperate to seek out another solution. That is when a middle of the night search for a “pilonidal disease expert” brought me to the The Sternberg Clinic.

Dr. Sternberg’s impressive credentials and success rate gave my son and I a sense of hope we had found an expert with a cure. When we met Dr. Sternberg we were comforted by his empathetic and compassionate concern for my son’s overall well-being; it is apparent that Dr. Sternberg cares about the person and not just the problem. There was a part of me that was afraid my son’s previous failed surgeries would leave him to be the exception that could not be fixed. Dr. Sternberg proved to have the solution with the Cleft Lift procedure and my son is finally healthy and happy again.

My only regret is not looking for Dr. Sternberg sooner. We will always be grateful to Dr. Sternberg for successfully restoring my son back to good health and giving him his life back. We had a positive experience with every one of the Sternberg Clinic staff and appreciate their competent and kind care throughout treatment. Thank you, Dr. Sternberg, for blessing your patients with your expertise and dedicating yourself to providing the cure for pilonidal patients. I wish you and your office the very best as you deserve respect and gratitude for all that you do for your patients!

– Amy M.

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