‘I’m back to doing my daily activities again and even more’

I honestly have no clue where to start. But long story short, the first time I started to notice my problem with Pilonidal Disease was back in December of 2018. Went to urgent care the next day and all they told me was to take the antibiotics, shave around the area (which I did not after research) and to do a sitz bath 2 times a day for two weeks. Although that did help, the drainage & pain came back with a week after.

So I went to my primary physician and he mentioned that it was a cyst, that it needs to be removed. I was living in LA at the time, so during all of this, I had to commute back and fourth for appointments. Anyway, in May 2019 I had my first procedure and I was feeling good for about a week after but the wound wouldn’t close. It was draining, giving me lots of pain, and I just couldn’t really sit comfortably. I was feeling miserable.

I managed to deal with the pain and uncomfortableness up until October 2019. Instead of traveling back to the Bay Area, I stayed in Los Angeles to get it checked out at a local hospital. Once the doctor looked at it, she had a “specialist” take a look at it and assured me that he knew just what to do. Which made me feel a lot better, as I was dealing with this for a few months. But sadly with that specialist, I had two failed procedures, just losing all hope. He then referred me to a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles but mentioned that he may be pricey.

After giving it thought, I went back home to the Bay Area right before COVID-19 hit, saw my primary physician and he referred me to Jeffrey Sternberg. Luckily I only lived about an hour away from him and my insurance was covered as well which is always a good thing. So after my consultation with Dr. Sternberg, I really felt like this procedure was it. My last procedure for the Pilonidal Disease. Thankfully it was.

I had my procedure 5th Of October, 2020 and was able to go back to work, skating, etc around the last week of October. I just couldn’t believe it, I never would’ve imagined healing from this. But thankfully I did. Dr. Sternberg also did an amazing job with checking up on me post procedure, and did an amazing job explaining how to use the drain as well. Which was really pain free.

So thanks to Jeffrey Sternberg, I’m back to doing my daily activities again and even more. I highly recommend you make your appointment with him!

Christian A.

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