‘I couldn’t believe that my life was back to normal’

I am a 24-year-old recovered patient from the Cleft Lift procedure. I first found out I had Pilonidal Disease when I was 19 and it was definitely some weird news to me (I got the Cleft Lift when I was 23 so I lived with the disease for 4-5 years).

I had no idea what it was or if it would ever go away. I saw a doctor here in Florida and I was told to just keep an eye on it and that it was not a huge issue. Well I came to learn that this disease is no joke and it can do a lot of damage when not properly treated. It took it’s toll on me and I would not wish this disease on anyone. I could not play college sports any longer, couldn’t sit or sleep properly, I could barely run or even walk sometimes and I sure had a terrible time using the restroom. I had to have a bandage over it at all times and it made my life absolutely miserable.

I will be grateful for the rest of my life for what Dr. Sternberg and his team did for me

– Michael B., Patient of The Sternberg Clinic

The doctor here in FL finally recommended surgery so I did it and I spent almost 6 months in “recovery” but it was not a recovery. The surgery was completely ineffective and only made it worse.

I did not know where else to turn so I researched and found Dr. Sternberg and his team. I reached out and everything was made super easy for me even though I was on the other side of the country. His nurses are extremely helpful and helped me get my surgery booked. Once I got to San Francisco everything went as planned. I got to meet the team and they were very nice and informative. Dr. Sternberg made me feel safe and very comfortable after in his hands.

I then had the Cleft Lift procedure and was in recovery for about 2 to 3 weeks and then it was all healed up. I couldn’t believe that my life was back to normal. I can golf normally again, sit normally, and just live my life without being worried about this disease. I will be grateful for the rest of my life for what Dr. Sternberg and his team did for me. Quite frankly, he gave me my life back.

If you are in a similar situation that I was in please do not do other surgeries with different doctors that will set you back. Dr. Sternberg is brilliant and has dedicated his life to helping those with Pilonidal Disease. Contact Dr. Sternberg and his team, he is the best there is and he will give you the absolute best treatment for this disease.

Submitted by Michael B., age 24
Patient of The Sternberg Clinic

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