‘The Cleft Lift procedure he performs is definitely at the cutting edge of his field’

Dr. Sternberg, without question, is one of the top experts (if not the best) in treating pilonidal disease in the world. Since my freshman year of high school, I repeatedly struggled to combat the seemingly undefeatable pilonidal disease. I first had surgery with a plastic surgeon in Pennsylvania and had laser hair removal treatment in hope to prevent the disease from recurring. Unfortunately, I still had numerous trips back to my surgeon and also to urgent care to have painful abscesses drained. After a couple months without issue, I thought I was in the clear. Nevertheless, the disease returned yet again, and at the worst time.

Two weeks into my first semester at college in fall 2017, the disease forced me to withdrawal to have surgery yet again. This second surgery was performed by team of a colorectal surgeon and a plastic surgeon, who were each regarded to be of the best surgeons in the Tampa Bay area. They performed a V-Y flap procedure, which ultimately left me with a huge scar but did not cure the disease. Due to the pain, I could not sit normally for over an entire month after this surgery. I returned to school at Michigan in January, where I continued to suffer embarrassing drainage. Beyond the physical pain, the mental suffering is equally profound. My doctor at school, the head general surgeon at the University of Michigan hospital who has performed hundreds of pilonidal surgeries, assured me the drainage was merely from a wound healing issue.

After countless follow up appointments and small procedures with no signs of improvement, I had a strong gut feeling that something was still seriously wrong. In great desperation, I found Dr. Sternberg online, and flew to San Francisco for a consultation.I returned with my dad just a few weeks later to have surgery. The entire process was incredibly easy and clearly very well thought out. Dr. Sternberg’s staff were incredibly friendly and helpful throughout the process. The same day as my surgery, my dad and I were able to sit down for an awesome steak dinner! And most importantly, now a year post-surgery, I have had no absolutely no signs of disease recurrence! In short, I am incredibly thankful to have found and been cared for by Dr. Sternberg, unquestionably one of the leading pilonidal disease experts in the world.

Dr. Sternberg is truly brilliant, caring and extremely experienced. The cleft lift procedure he performs is definitely at the cutting edge of his field. Had I gone to Dr. Sternberg from the outset, I could have avoided years of unsuccessful procedures and surgeries, countless hours in doctors offices and significant mental and physical suffering. If you are suffering from pilonidal disease, do not waste time elsewhere! Go straight to Dr. Sternberg. You will not regret it. Dr. Sternberg, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving me my life back!

– Jacob H.

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