‘He truly is the best in world for this operation’

My life had come to a sudden halt when my ARMY recruiter told my I MUST get rid of that tiny opening just under my tail bone or their was no way I was going to make it through MEPS and unfortunately get disqualified. At that point in time I had no idea what this tiny opening even was, so after some research and disappointing news I figured the only way was through surgery… so I had scheduled an appointment with a local surgeon who knew this operation “well”. He operated and I had high hopes that i was going be good and I even let my recruiter know that I the operation was performed and I will be ok. It was the operation you hear about most online, cut you open, remove infection, leave wound open and pack it each day for like a good month and a half in hopes it will close. This is a tedious process that has a low success rate and its really hard to keep clean. A month off of work I headed back still with a open wound and the simple act of walking would cause my skin to chafe like I was at the beach all day. I felt no recovery and I was extremely disappointed with the result and at this point getting quite nervous with the military.

Two months later no progress… With more research I came across Dr. Sternberg’s website and checked out his operation and saw that he deals with this infection a different way and he has PROOF, before and after photos of how he does things. My hope had grown back, but their was one draw back I live in Florida and the good Dr. Sternberg was all the way in San Francisco. So two painful flights later I landed in the Bay with high hopes. I met Dr. Sternberg and quite happy with how it went I showed him the infection and he examined it for a second and then said, “yeah.. I can fix this”. The infection was pretty bad too but he was not fazed in the slightest.

He truly is the best in world for this operation. Post operation and two more flights back to Florida and a month on recovery I have gone back to running and working out and can proudly say the ARMY is now back on top I’ll be joining very soon! I went from barley being able to walk and my future being shattered to running and my life being put back on track. If you have this same infection and your looking for some security in getting rid of this problem this IS your solution. Thank God for Dr. Sternberg and his amazing team and God Bless. GO ARMY, BEAT NAVY!!!!

– Austin B.

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