Pilonidal Disease: An Audio Podcast


Ep. 1: What is Pilonidal Disease?
Dr. Jeffrey Sternberg explores the chronic condition and how to treat it in 3 min.

Hosted by Dr. Jeffrey Sternberg, MD, FACS, FASCRS
Founder of The Sternberg Clinic for Pilonidal Surgery in San Francisco, California

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Learn all about the most common disease that no one has ever heard of, Pilonidal Disease, from one of the country’s top surgeons devoted to curing patients and educating the medical community about proper treatment for this chronic disease.

Dr. Jeffrey Sternberg, founder of The Sternberg Clinic for Pilonidal Surgery in San Francisco, Calif., performs a modern surgery technical called Cleft Lift procedure that has cured 100 percent of his past 750 patients with only 6 patients requiring follow-up surgery, according to a 2019 survey. That’s compared to a failure rate of between 30 percent to 50 percent for traditional surgery techniques.

In this audio series, Dr. Sternberg is interviewed by a former patient who suffered from Pilonidal Disease for more than 12 years before finally discovering The Sternberg Clinic.

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Episode One: What is Pilonidal Disease?

Learn about the symptoms and causes of this painful, chronic disease that affects young patients during their late high school, college, and early working ages.

Duration: 3 min. and 12 sec.

Episode Two: It’s Not a Pilonidal ‘Cyst’

There is more misinformation in the medical community than fact when it comes to Pilonidal Disease treatment. Dr. Jeffrey Sternberg shares a history of the disease and debunks the misinformation that leads so many patients to improper treatment.

Duration: 4 min. and 4 sec.

Episode Three: Options for Patients with Pilonidal Disease

So you’ve finally discovered all the facts about Pilonidal Disease. Let’s talk about your options for treatment! Dr. Jeffery Sternberg explains the options for patients with varying levels of pain or discomfort.

Duration: 2 min. and 23 sec.

Episode Four: What to Expect on Surgery Day

If you are a candidate for the Cleft Lift procedure to treat Pilonidal Disease, here’s what you can expect on surgery day and the following 10-day to 2-week recovery period.

Duration: 2 min. and 25 sec.

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