Gave Me My Life Back

In May 2022 I underwent surgery at a local office for my pilonidal condition in hopes that I would be fixed and recover quickly. Suffice it to say, that did not happen.

Fast forward eight months later I was still dealing with an open wound that would not heal despite consistent visits to the doctor and even undergoing wound care treatment. All of this severely reduced my activity and affected me mentally to the point that I decided I was ready to take action and take my life back.

After hours of research all signs were pointing to Dr. Sternberg and the Sternberg Clinic. The only problem was he was all the way across the country, but after months of dealing with an open wound significantly negatively impacting my life, I decided to give his office a call. He and his staff were very accommodating and let me know that traveling for this surgery was not only possible, but actually very common.

His knowledge and experience over the phone calmed my nerves about the procedure and gave me something I had not felt in months… optimism.

A month later I embarked on the four hour flight to San Francisco ready to get my life back. The day before the surgery I met with Dr. Sternberg who detailed every step of the procedure and pledged to do his very best the day following. Dr. Sternberg made an effort on surgery day to, again, calm my nerves and reinforce the idea that this would make me better, and that it did.

I am writing this almost a month and a half post-procedure and I am happy to report that recovery has gone smoothly, even with the long plane ride back home. There have been no signs of my pilonidal symptoms recurring and for the first time since April 2022, I am able to live comfortably and enjoy life without having to worry about tending to an open wound. Dr. Sternberg gave me my life back and I will never be able to accurately express my appreciation for the work he did and the care he showed for me and my family.

— Evan

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