Dr. Sternberg is kind, attentive, compassionate, and professional

Dr. Sternberg performed a cleft lift surgery on my son for pilonidal disease. He is an expert on the disease and has been perfecting this complicated surgical procedure for 20 years with complete success.

My son had suffered from pilonidal disease for 6 1/2 years and had 4 previous failed surgeries with surgeons who did not understand his condition. Dr. Sternberg was able to not only heal our son but also to repair the damage caused by the other failed surgeries.

Dr. Sternberg is kind, attentive, compassionate, and professional. He is a surgeon who is fully committed to the well-being of his patients in every way. He has the highest standards of integrity and care for his patients. I am forever grateful for Dr. Sternberg. He exemplifies everything that is good in the medical profession.

— Susan

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