Treating Pilonidal Disease in Asia and the South Pacific

If you live in Hawaii, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, the Philippines, or Malaysia and you’ve been diagnosed with a pilonidal cyst/disease and need surgery, or suspect that you have a pilonidal cyst/disease and may need surgery, where do you turn?  

Many surgeons don’t think about the root cause of pilonidal cysts/disease, which is the deep cleft (the deep valley between one’s buttock cheeks).  Often surgeons that do operate on pilonidal disease perform a wide excisional operation (where a large amount of tissue is removed) with a high recurrence rate and can make the disease worse.  Since pilonidal disease is only an infection and it affects normal tissue, the removal of normal tissue is unnecessary.  Pilonidal disease is an acquired infection (due to the deep cleft of affected individuals) and is not caused by a congenital cyst; hence, removing a large amount of normal tissue is not needed. 

So, please don’t limit your search for a surgeon to your local region or country.  Sticking with a local surgeon could set you back weeks, months, or years without proper treatment.  Please search for the best surgical solution for pilonidal disease.  The Cleft Lift Procedure is perhaps the best operation for pilonidal disease, and it should be curative.  It’s far easier and less expensive to travel to San Francisco for an operation than to stay local and require months of wound care and an uncertain future.

“If you can travel to San Francisco to dine at a fine restaurant or see a show, you can certainly travel to San Francisco to improve your life!”

― Patient at The Sternberg Clinic

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