‘I urge you to trust Dr. Sternberg’s capabilities and get your life back’

Dr. Sternberg’s (and staff) care and expertise was nothing short of life changing. I’ll save some of the details of my pilonidal disease prior to my procedure with Dr. Sternberg, but I will mention that my disease progressed slowly over a very long period of time, and thus became somewhat easy to, at least, tolerate. I had read horror stories of botched surgeries, open wounds, and daunting recoveries. As a result, I was very reluctant to undergo surgery and simply tried to ignore all of my issues.

Ultimately, I discovered Dr. Sternberg and the cleft lift procedure as an alternative treatment for pilonidal disease. I had consulted another surgeon, and could immediately recognize Dr. Sternberg’s expertise through his knowledgeable and concise description of my specific case and possible treatment. He recognized what other medical professionals did wrong in the horror stories that scared me so much, and assured me that the treatment he provided and my recovery would be much more manageable. Even that was an understatement! The surgery itself was very easy for me (obviously), I was anesthetized and only remember waking up in recovery. I was back in action after just a few days, and back on a plane a little over a week after surgery.

Dr. Sternberg and his staff were incredibly helpful throughout the process, from initial consultation to recovery and follow-up. After my procedure I was able to see how much my pilonidal disease was impacting my life on a day to day basis, and it is massively improved. If you are hesitant to treat your pilonidal disease because of gruesome stories about other options, I urge you to trust Dr. Sternberg’s capabilities and get your life back. I’m incredibly grateful to him and his team!

– Matt C.

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